" Take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." -Psalm 37:4

Family and Friends, 


We hope you are doing well! We have had an interesting month as Thailand had a recent spike in COVID cases sending several large provinces (including ours) back into lockdown. We have been relearning how to work virtually, worship virtually (though serving at the church means we are part of the small crew present for the service), keeping our fellowship to smaller groups, and eating lots of takeout (we love the markets!). Thankfully the cases are decreasing and the restrictions are easing slowly! However, please pray for the thousands of small business owners that are being impacted across the country. Many people live day-to-day and the restrictions have had huge impacts!




We have been excited to unveil more details in this newsletter about how we will continue to serve in Thailand for the remainder of 2021. Our amazing experience serving with the Family Connection Foundation (FCF) is coming to a close this month. We have been so blessed by the people in their ministries! There remain many opportunities to serve with FCF and we are excited to see how God leads us in the future. For now, our vision is to continue to expand our understanding and experience serving in different capacities here in Thailand. Our prayer is that by the summer of 2021 we would have clarity from God on where we can best serve for His glory for a longer term.


Starting in July we will be transitioning to serve part-time with the Free Burma Rangers (FBR). We conducted our orientation a couple weeks ago and are so excited to partner with them for the remainder of 2021! FBR is a very unique organization that has been powerfully working to free the oppressed within Burma for the last 20 years. Recently they have even been engaging in both Iraq and Syria to see ethnic people free there as well. The members of FBR are amazing people with hearts for Jesus and a passion for freedom. 


We are still working with the FBR team to determine the specifics of our roles. Generally, we will be serving:

  1. Here in Thailand to support activities by other team members in Burma.
  2. To meet real-time administrative and logistical needs. 
  3. With FBR team members to expand service projects to the Thai people.

We are praying for wisdom and an open door for serving with FBR in Burma towards the end of 2021 or beginning of 2022. There are several important steps that would have to happen before this time. God will make all things clear in His time. Would you join with us in this prayer? 


We are also excited to announce that Ross will be transitioning from his role as an intern with CCF to be the church’s Executive Pastor! He will continue to work as a part-time volunteer while he balances serving with FBR. Ross’ new role will be very similar to the intern duties he carved out - focusing on organizational development, daily operations, and coordinating various church ministries with their respective volunteers. Ross hopes to develop an internship program so that others can experience the amazing opportunities first-hand that he had. Do you know anyone who would enjoy serving in Thailand in both an international church and in local missions? Check this link out, pass it on, and/or holler back ! :) 


Praises and Continued Prayers


We had a HUGE answer to prayer for Eirenee’. She has been pursuing opportunities to meet with a professional, Thai tutor after completing Level 4 of her Thai language course (p.s. Eirenee’ has been so dedicated to her language study...it has been inspirational to me - Ross!). God provided an amazing tutor last week who also is a Christian! Eirenee’s engagement in language study is a full time focus let alone her ministry at home, her role as social media coordinator, worship leader and expanding other opportunities at church, and with FBR! Will you continue to pray God would direct her how to best prioritize her time for His glory?


We had another HUGE answer to prayer for Ross. We have been back to immigration twice, around the city just as many times or more getting things figured out, and he is on his final step to get his 1-year visa! Lord willing, June 4th is our day to go back and get the final stamp. Please pray for us to cross the finish line...aka starting line!


How can we pray for you? Reply and let us know!

-For the opportunity to serve with FBR.
-For Ross' position as Executive Pastor for Chiangmai Christian Fellowship. 
-Eirenee' finding a Christian Thai tutor. 
-Thai COVID cases would decrease and the country would open up again. 
-That God would go before us in pathing the way for our positions with FBR. 
-Continual prayers for Ross' 1- year visa. 

Thank you, thank you for your continued prayers and support as we continue on this journey! Your gracious giving enabled us to be 82% funded in April.  If you feel led to support us financially in any way you can see some specific ways by going to our website or clicking the link below. Currently we are 11% funded for our May living and ministry expenses. 


If you are considering giving, we want to let you know that we are planning on taking about a week vacation this week and again sometime in June. Our purpose behind these trips is to pursue a time of rest and renewal together before we launch into serving with FBR in July. We have saved money for these reset periods from before we came to Thailand and will continue to apply anything you are led to give to our ministry expenses. Our hearts desire is to be transparent and good stewards of all that God blesses us with! Please reach out if you have any questions!


Ross and Eirenee’

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